Người Lạ Ơi ! Official MV | Superbrothers x Karik x Orange

By Superbrothers
Người Lạ Ơi ! Official MV | Superbrothers x Karik x Orange
Upload : 06/01/2018

Thông tin video được cung cấp bởi tác giả:
Superbrothers - ELSE!

Stranger! Please lend me your shoulder
Title collapsed because tired tired
Stranger! Please lend me a kiss
Borrowed, I pay, do not rush too
Stranger! Please come and buy for me
A forgotten dose, let me serenity
Stranger! Please lend me joy
To be weak this is the last time ...

I am optimistic among the crowd, but when alone I do not
Trying to be good, but deep inside the tears is the sea
Sometimes I just want someone to hold my hand in my arms
The laughter in the eyes is echoed, lonely once and then from the gaps.
Bring sun-kissed confidence to heaven to find the feeling of life
To the sadness clinging to the night, the dew on me tomorrow to stop standing
Only once, for the weak today waited
Stranger! Who can comfort this soul?

Loneliness, loneliness, thoughts like waves hit
Playing with, tired, soul is fragile
No need to be too deep, just wide shoulders
Sincerely do not hide behind the eyes, share the vast melancholy
For the weak heart to rest, the heart of wild today to get up
One person with me is enough, the rest is not important
A person never reminds the past, not to mind my days
Open your heart with all the compassion that you can not go tomorrow
Be gentle, peaceful as the clouds drift
Feelings need not be "right" way
Listening to my heart, a person I need just now.

My mind is in heaven
And no one understands
I hope every day
Simply love
Long time ago my mind was here
And no one understands
I hope every day
Simply love
Music Producer: Superbrothers
Music Composer: Chau Dang Khoa
Music Arrangers: Robin Wesley x Chronicles x Nemo
Robin Wesley Producer: http://www.robinwesleyinstrumentals.com
Robin Wesley YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/RobinWes...
Recording: GSN Studio
Mastering: Daniel Mastro
Sound Engineer: Huynh Hien Nang
Director: Nguyen Khoa
Project Manager: Vinny Vu
BUY: Doan Minh Trieu
Orange facebook: https://goo.gl/sX2VCj
Karik facebook: https://goo.gl/mbT7zx
Chau Dang Faculty: https://goo.gl/SXncJM

Thanks to GunPow Mobi for bringing us the moments of entertainment as well as our companion in this MV.
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ღ Home page: http://gunpow.360game.vn
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